This girl has more cred than the damn politicians talking about voting machine hacks in congress!

@kev @mike do ya'll have more pages 4 custom emojis? I need ALL the thinking emojis


Upgraded to 2.9.3...w/ a downtime of maybe 20 seconds?

"We are an open-minded, international instance, that is very geeky and enjoys pop culture."

You had me at 'very geeky and enjoys pop culture.' 😃

Namaste! Joined this instance today. Will add some Indian flavour to this place. 😉

I love that Tusky allows me to have per-account tab configuration :3

Not a gripe about other clients, just praising this one

Spotify on the SD card is garbage. Space savings are "worth it" but I'm getting closer and closer to going back to local music.

Don't use Windows if you value your privacy and user freedom.
Linux ftw.

#linux #windows #spyware

hot take, FOSS 

lol @ the fedichive person calling many crybabies. Like, many of us left the traditional systems /because/ of the mass data collection and privacy leaks. Have a bit of self-awareness. Had this been a whitelist effort, it would have gone much smoother for them.

Hey guys reminder i have a ko-fi:
And a redbubble:

if you like my stuff please do consider supporting me!

Added a whole bunch of relays last night, I have some combing to do through fedi to remove some new domains/accounts from it

Did not think of the consequences :P

Just finished the timeline for the e-zine project:

Please take a look if you're interested in the project so you can familiarize yourself with the due dates.

Please boost to help increase awareness of the e-zine!

lol @ the spinster folks marvelling at the Gab fork

Apple account locked related to Mac VM. Fuck.

It's really nice to see events like this going down. Bringing two opposing gang factions together to face each other's differences, reconcile bad vibes between the two, and garner some appreciation for each other's struggles.

It's a BLM movement I could get behind.

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At this point, this is mostly a testing instance. I'm curious about the moderation and administration features available to Mastodon. I want to use the knowledge to better communicate with admins in the future.