@mike I believe the share permissions allow for some performance improvement, as the access reporting would have a layer or more less of separation between the message being created and the message being received on the client end.

Please don't hesitate to let me know whether you think my message doesn't make sense

@mike when you have many administrators, it helps to have filesystem level access control as they could be remoting in to the system

@honku It was super sketch and nobody told us phone monkeys. It was only through poking and prodding with some of the higher ups that I was able to find all this out.

Some folk in there were doing coke in the bathroom, others just wanted a mindless job so they could focus on their personal lives, but it's dead-end job for the most of it all.

@honku It's the kind of business model of a company who calls you, claiming to provide "analysis" of your current CC processor's fee statement when really they're just looking at your fees to figure out if the company can undercut this other processor.

As well, the company was affiliated with a certain CCP, when we claimed to not be.

@honku haha I totally get that. Don't reinvent the wheel, but definitely look into what would make the most sense financially.

These credit card processors all charge different fees with different payment structures. Also pay attention to the fine print on any contracts you sign for any contract termination fees.

My old employer would fuck you over hard by making you pay an average of your processing fees thus far, times the remaining months in the contract. Was fucked up.

@honku there's this service called braintreepayments.com/ca braintree, but I'm not sure how you feel about PayPal


radical feminism, abortion 

@cloudflarelink@ieji.de Please don't message me.

Done the final interview and prospects are looking good! 👌👌

Have you ever heard of Allen and Kumar?? Idk, my partner's tryna mix up shit

@makuharigaijin well I'm self-hosting it, but not publicly.

You can find the project here: github.com/mozilla-services/sy and there's a link in there somewhere for instructions.

Keep in mind if you're hosting from home that the internet will need to be able to reach the machine on the designated port

@makuharigaijin you can always self host the syncing part of the equation

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