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lol @ the spinster folks marvelling at the Gab fork

Apple account locked related to Mac VM. Fuck.

It's really nice to see events like this going down. Bringing two opposing gang factions together to face each other's differences, reconcile bad vibes between the two, and garner some appreciation for each other's struggles.

It's a BLM movement I could get behind. question 

pol, mass shootings 

I didn't spend three years exclusively studying personality disorders to sit back and let people accuse every person they dislike of having one.

Fun fact: PD =/= abusive. Sure, there are abusers with every combination of diagnoses, and there are also abusers with nothing. I don't know how else to put it.

Yaay! Power's back :)

At least everything comes back on automatically when the power is restored 👌

Tooting back and forth from two instances is confusing! >.< First world problem if I ever knew one

My previous intention was to write my book in markdown/html and then use Pandoc to convert that into an epub. Since adopting Emacs and org-mode as my primary writing software, I've changed my mind.

I'll probably have to rewrite the beginning, but that's alright as give me a chance to edit what I've already written.

I've also decided to make the repo open once I get back on track to it so anyone can read it as I write it.

So apparently I'm blind and didn't notice that the documentation on GH for Mastodon was moved to their own Gitlab instance.

But that doesn't help either because the docs don't have anything related to Docker in them at

In case anyone is wondering, this is a test of the delay between when I post the status and when it shows up on my timeline.

Result: ~30s delay between refreshes, consistent too

I saw someone MASSIVELY complaining about Discourse and about how it's anti-user. Most of their gripes were related to how an admin had configured the Discourse forum they were on and 'how could the developers allow such things to be configured this way'.

Don't blame the hammer manufacturer when someone gets their head bludgeoned by a hammer

And just like the last time I tried out Gutenberg, I already found a bug within the first five minutes.

I don't think many people really asked for something like Gutenberg. When you're really particular about the formatting and whatnot in your text, as I am with many of my guides, it's hard to actually manage to write in Gutenberg without being tripped up by the tool.

if you boost then fave I'm suspicious of your intentions

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At this point, this is mostly a testing instance. I'm curious about the moderation and administration features available to Mastodon. I want to use the knowledge to better communicate with admins in the future.